Zanda - A Painter In Carcassonne - Artiste Peintre à Carcassonne

Zanda - A Painter In Carcassonne - Artiste Peintre à Carcassonne

During our holiday in the South of France last year we discovered the amazing historical city of Carcassonne. Wandering around the narrow paved streets, we ended up by chance in the lovely Je reviens dans 1/4 d’heure art gallery-boutique and met the owner, the artist Zanda. We left with our Le Raisin de la Vigne canvas and have since kept in touch with the painter.

We very much wanted to pay Zanda a visit again this summer and headed off to Carcassonne on a cloudy but pleasant Monday. We found a closed door in the morning but a sign told us that the gallery would be open in the afternoon. We went back after lunch and first, Cute Doggy met the real Kuikui outside… Who is Kuikui, you may ask? He is Zanda’s dog, and one source of inspiration for his wonderful Indian ink paintings. Kuikui is already famous but his notoriety will increase even more early in December, as he will be part of the Red Dot Art Fair in Miami!

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