Your Invitation to the Trawlergirl Halloween Party 2013

Your Invitation to the Trawlergirl Halloween Party 2013

Yes, that’s right. All of you. Every single one of you. God, I’m so damn excited, I could eat a pumpkin whole, pips and all!

As you may have gathered I love Halloween and I know a fair few of you love it too. It’s a great excuse to dress outrageously, and celebrate without having to buy anyone presents (ok maybe just a bag or a few hundred of darn Haribo’s to give to the kids) and if done carefully it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

This is a Halloween Party invitation with a difference though. It would be impossible for all of us to get together in one place (one day maybe, one day!), so instead I am inviting you to a virtual party. It is a unique concept which promises to be exciting and fun. You will be a guest at a very special Halloween party indeed.

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