Young and free: Felixstowe beach 365 #08

Young and free: Felixstowe beach 365 #08

We try to visit Grandma during the school holidays. We look forward to the trip – aside from anything else, Grandma has dogs, the thing we most covet at the moment. But even better is the chance to rummage around  on Felixstowe beach. It doesn’t have to be swimming weather, and we don’t need buckets and spades; we’re happy with simple things:

filling Mum’s pockets full of stones suitable for the rock tumbler finding the perfect stick for drawing in the sand throwing pebbles – distance and skim is not important, it’s the satisfying plop into the foam that we seek. Check out how happy they are...

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Lunch at the Hive Beach Café

my dads chinese chicken with pea egg fried rice