You Don't Even Know Me

You Don't Even Know Me

Mostly, behind the digital line there's a pulsating mass of companies that are desperate to get you to buy something, throwing thousands of pounds at the likes of Google and Facebook in the hope of getting you to buy their product and tell your friends how great it is.

Ideally they'd like you to 'like' their page to be in with the chance of winning a sachet of washing powder, or if you're really lucky you might win a family trip to an adventure park where your children will strip you of money within minutes of entering.

I'd say I share a fair amount online so it's easy to figure out my marital status, how many children I have, the job that I do and those that I once did. A quick search would tell you I believe in equal marriage, wish I could turn moments with the children into memories I can physically feel and that I like to use the hashtag #gratitude fairly often. You'd find out that I don't like Page 3, being patronised, or disabled people being served with eviction notices. I sometimes sign petitions and I always say thank you. I've left a trail

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