You Can't Always Get What You Want

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I have been told that I am a less than desirable parent by my children on more than one occasion recently. You won't be surprised to learn it coincides with times when they have been told 'no'.

I said "No" to a sub-standard coat that my daughter fell in love with but I knew would fall to bits within a week, "no" to my son watching 'Dragon Ball Z Kai' (a programme that seems designed to turn ordinarily placid children into demons), and "no" to both of them eating chocolate at breakfast time. Sometimes this is accompanied by tears and tantrums, other times by the classic "It's so UNFAIR!" quote. On the occasions where we have tried to explain to the children how fortunate they, this has lead to further arguments, frustrated negotiations and either me or my husband uttering the line that I so hated to hear as a child: "Because I said so." Oh what a killer line, and what a switch for causing your child to get even more upset because they realise they are not in control.

What to do... We are very fortunate as a family not to be in the position that my parents

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