You Bloody Bloodsuckers!

You Bloody Bloodsuckers!

You Bloody Bloodsuckers! A year ago on Friday, 22 November 2013 I wrote a little snippet about how my room was infested by bedbugs.

I threw all soft toys and pillows whatevers into the dryer. I washed all my clothing in hot water. I hung mattresses and what have yous in the hot sun. For 2 weeks straight I steamed my mattress, walls, crevices, wardrobe, clothing. I overturned my bed, I kid you not I was like a mad woman. I masking-taped crevices, window sills and the trunking in my room. I placed double sided on the foot of my bed and wherever I feel it may breed. All these done on my own because the husband was not in town. It was a tiring process to keep doing this and in the end, I gave up and threw my bed away. I swore on never to use wooden based framed beds.

Then suddenly, it was oh so quiet for a good one whole year. No bite marks, no signs of the bloody (pardon the pun) buggers.

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