Swagfags, Yolo-ers, and ofcourse the Duckfacer's the devil's way of torturing those poor souls which walk this Drake-fied world. We of course have our own versions of such people, the pindi bwoys, guys who rape the english language more than the inmates do each other at prison. "hEy W@tx Up MaNx, m sO Bord" one of the many fine examples of their masterful control of the english language. While they mainly originate from the city of Rawalpindi as do their fine traditions(sarcasm to the max), they bred and spread quickly, slowly infecting every rank of society. Slowly the educated became scarce and an endangered species. They tried fighting back, they truly did, setting up traps, such as hangout places for them, where they would gather in large numbers. They fought valiantly, bravely in fact, and slowly but steadily they claimed back what was rightfully theirs.

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