Yoghurt, olive oil 'Baklava' cake

Yoghurt, olive oil 'Baklava' cake It's no secret that I love Greek yoghurt. After all I grew up eating it – although, to paraphrase Friends, in Greece, they just call it yoghurt.

That is kind of an important distinction however. Although Greek yoghurt doesn't enjoy Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status there's a notable difference between Greek and Greek-style yoghurts. The taste is usually a giveaway, but you should take a closer look at the ingredients list... Greek yoghurt should be made of pure ingredients with no thickeners - the creamy consistency is a result of the straining process.

And this thick, creamy consistency is what makes it a perfect ingredient for baking. This cake was inspired by my favourite sweet snack as a child - yoghurt with walnuts and honey, which got me thinking about Baklava which has nuts in a honey/sugar syrup. To celebrate all things Greek I added a bit of light olive oil (do NOT use extra virgin as taste is too strong), orange flower water and semolina.

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