X Season

X Season Picture this, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping away as usual and you can hear Summertime Sadness blasting out of some car driving by your house. It’s a marvellous day to go outside, but you are stuck indoors. Why? Two words, X Season. Once again, you stuck inside trying to reteach yourself in two weeks what took your several months to learn.This means that you are trapped in the room, you once loved to actually spend time in. The mall or the movies no longer serves as amusement, but a mere distraction.

If you are not in a school where you have take exams (you lucky duck), or not in school at all, then allow me to paint a picture of what school time around X Season is like. Throughout the school year, almost everyday of the week, school is a delicately balanced cycle of homework, socializing and extracurricular activities. All the while you need to arrive at school looking presentable, smelling great and somewhat alert. Now, imagine doing all of this while functioning on a few measly hours of sleep and cramped fingers from rewriting down note after note.

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