Would you be happier without your kids?

Would you be happier without your kids?

FROM HIM: Recently I heard the phrase delivered with all sincerity: 'I love my kids, but on balance, I think I would be happier if I'd never had them.'

Which got me thinking... I wonder if a quadruple burger exists?

Sorry, not that.

Is it possible that I might get to the stage where I think that?

We're only 6 months in, so I can't know for sure.

Edgar has stolen sleep, he's robbed us of evenings, he's taken away prolific sexual adventures (yeah right).

He's nicked our freedom, pocketed our cinema outings, pinched nights dining out (thank god for thesaurus.com), and poached our writing time...

...but has he taken our happiness?


***warning - a truck load of soppy nonsense to follow***

No, I don't think so.

***soppiness over - you can open your eyes now***

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