World Worst Mother Award

World Worst Mother Award

...should seriously go to me? Seriously?

Somebody close commented (which got to my ears of course) that i do not know how to care for my own child. That I am not cut out to be a mother.

My parenting style may not be like everyone else. People might think i don't fret enough. I don't seem like i care. I do not want to lose my cool hence I have this poker face exterior when something happened. I don't want to go berserk when I needed to stay calm and think. (like the fan blade that cut her ankle one time, the recent operationvomitus and during her 1st month where she projectile vomited blood, unfortunately all during the absence of The Husband and obviously I had to deal with alone. I could have panic and bawl my eyeballs out (ok i did teared for a bit but i told myself to get a grip and get on with the show).

So this had to happen.

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