World Water Day - why water matters

World Water Day - why water matters - Mums do travel

I’m lucky. I live in England and take it for granted that my family and I have access to clean, safe water. I turn on a tap in my house and out it gushes, ready to use: lovely, fresh water. We drink it, cook with it, shower in it and brush our teeth with it.  Our water never makes us sick.

World Water Day

But not everyone is as lucky as we are. Worldwide, more than 768 million people – around 40% of the global population – have no access to clean, safe water. To mark World Water Daynofollow on March 22nd the international water aid charity Just A Dropnofollow has invited five bloggers to write about ‘why water matters’.


The water filter bottle company H2WOWnofollow will make a donation to Just A Drop for every share, like, tweet and comment of this and the other blog posts involved in the #watermatters campaign so please do support us both here and on social media.

Water in Sicily

The only time I ever consider our water supply is when we visit our relatives in Sicily and I worry about the water running out.

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