World Thinking Day 2014

World Thinking Day 2014

Today, (that’s the 22nd February) is, for every member of the Guiding Family, Thinking Day. For those in Scouting, it’s Founder’s Day. It’s a day for celebrating, for thinking of others and retrospectively wishing Lord and Lady Baden-Powell who founded Scouting and Guiding, a very happy birthday.

I can sort of imagine the conversation as Robert B-P ‘courted’ Olave… “so, erm, when’s your birthday?”, “the 22nd of February”, “oh, mine too” – I’d like to think that they thought “this must be destiny” – although at the turn of the Century, I’m not sure that was quite the phraseology.

In 1910 when Lord B-P agreed to let there be “something for the girls” and Lady B-P set up Guides, I’m not sure they would have dreamt that there would be a centenary celebration, that Guiding would be in so many countries, offering a ‘girl only’ space, helping where help is needed most, opening up a new world of opportunities and breaking down the gender stereotypes. In 1914, having been pestered by the younger sisters, Rosebuds were formed, now called Brownies – this year we celebrate 100 years and I’m in the thick of it…

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