World Book Day With Miles Kelly

World Book Day With Miles Kelly

Recently I was asked by lovely book people at Miles Kellynofollow if I’d like to take part in a bit of giving and receiving in the name of World Book Daynofollow – (6th March people, I do hope you have a costume for the kids, you just know that school is going to fling it upon you on the 5th). Sort of like a Secret Santa, only more books and less dodgy festive-themed socks. I was told whom my book recipient was and off I searched the fab books that Miles Kelly has to offer to find them something they and their children would love – I hope. Obvs, I can’t tell you who it was, it’s all very secret squirrel. Anyway. A few days later Bean and I received a book from our secret book giver! And a flipping good choice they made too.

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