World Book Day - Amazing Alphabetical Adventures

World Book Day - Amazing Alphabetical Adventures

There is a very beautiful book on our bookshelf and it has changed our lives. It isn’t deep and meaningful. It isn’t a bestseller. It is Amazing Alphabetical Adventures and it was written by my husband.

In 2007, Random House New Zealand published Tony’s beloved book. It was more than just a manuscript of words. It was a book of words and intricate drawings he had lovingly and painstakingly spent every spare minute perfecting for the previous four years. The result was an ABC book designed for all ages. For the very young, Tony’s illustrations are captivating. For their parents, the words, humour and ideas will keep you enthralled way past the ‘just one more page’ you intend to read. Read aloud, it is a book which will test the reader. Each page consists of words beginning with only one letter. For the A page, that’s not such a mean feat. But for the X page or the Z page – Tony’s sentences are smaller but still creative without wavering from his own self-imposed rule.

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