World Book Day 2014

World Book Day 2014

It's World Book Day tomorrow and this year my boys have escaped the mad rush to find an awesome costume. Their school have decided to have a Mad Hatter's Day on which the children are allowed to wear a hat for the day. It can be a baseball cap, a trilby or some wonderful creation they have made at home. The letter for it came out last week, LAST WEEK! It's a good job it wasn't a letter saying my boys could dress up as a character or I'd be well and truly stuck. Anyway, I digress...

World Book Day got me thinking about all the different books I've read, both as an adult and a child, and the kinds of messages they sent. I've always loved reading and although there doesn't seem enough time in the day anymore I still love a good book. Some that top my favourites list are Society of the Mind by Eric. L. Harry, Chart Throb by Ben Elton and The BFG by Roahl Dahl. The first two I read as an adult and The BFG is my all-time favourite children's book.

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