Work. Argh.

So last weekend we went back to the caravan for one final holiday and it was fantastic. I spent the week before looking for the girls winter coats (the east coast in autumn is surely, positively arctic?) and sleep suits. I packed extra socks and vests for night time and even took woolly hats. Surprised us all when we got there to fine it was a sub- tropical 21 degrees. The woolly jumpers were a tad warm... Still managed to eat lots of pizza, a delicious roast chicken sandwich feast and best of all lobster gratin, thanks to a timely phone call to the seafood shop, who reserved two of the best.

This week has been okay and even managed a (frozen) seafood and leek tray bake yesterday. I sautéed leeks and garlic with salt and white pepper in butter before adding white wine, cream, saffron and thickened chicken stock. I then put (defrosted) mussels, prawns, clams and some jarred crab meat onto a baking tray and spooned over the mixture. Baked it at 190 degrees for about 20 minutes and served with crusty bread. A delight and a real midweek treat.

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