Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures

This summer, the words have not fallen out my fingers into my blog like they usually do. Sometimes I can sit down and words flow – almost without me thinking; appearing on the screen as I (generally) want them to. The pictures that go alongside those words, often taken before, take me back to the places we’ve been, the adventures we’ve been on and the journeys we’ve travelled – be they along the smooth or roughest of roads.

St Pauls Cathedral, Millenium Bridge, South Bank, River Thames

This summer, the pictures went into my camera and onto the laptop but the words wouldn’t come. We’ve been to many places – maybe that was it? We broke away from the internet and went out and did things. Visiting friends and family, paddling in the sea, running through green spaces and absorbing the world around us without the desire to come back and write it up immediately.

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