Wordless Wednesday ~ Are You My Crazy Bookworm Mother??

Wordless Wednesday ~ Are You My Crazy Bookworm Mother??

I love reading. The joy of flipping pages of a book. Ahh happiness.

I want to share the joy to my Beans but sometimes she has an attention span of like er 5 seconds before she walks off or grab the book and dump it elsewhere.

BUT a reading i must!

I have been reading Are You My Mother? by P.D Eastman to Darya since she was a wee one. Plus it's a board book soooo no pages are going to be harmed in the process of reading. Hmm probably chewed on instead. Hah. I like to get animated when I read to her. Sometimes I act it out, most of the time I tell my own story.

Books are piling up and spilling out of the shelves. I so cannot wait for our own little book corner when we get our own space in 4 years time!

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