Woohoo! My rhubarb's ready for picking

Woohoo! My rhubarb's ready for picking

At the weekend we spent a few days in the garden, it's always busy out there at this time of year as we try and catch up with the first growth spurts of spring. Added to that we have plans this year to rid ourselves of the building yard look (we have piles of paving slabs from the old patio and some slabs left over from the new patio, bags of sand and literally a ton of slate).

We discovered this weekend that our raised beds are rotting and need repairing, not great news but better now than after we've laid the extra paving. Our plan is to use scaffold boards and add these to the outside of the existing beds; this means we won't have to shift all the earth they contain. Phew.

Now to source some scaffold boards...but first check out my rhubarb:

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