Wood For the Trees - Part 2

Wood For the Trees - Part 2

When our daughters moved out and went to university last September, we looked at the accumulation of child-related paraphernalia in our home and thought only, "Why do we have all this stuff exactly?" The realisation that the paddling pool, Swingball, trampoline, assorted rackets and balls were now redundant and taking up 75% of the available space in our shed was a very sad one indeed.

After the girls left home, I may have tackled their bedrooms with gusto. This was tat that was right under my nose and the need to declutter was overwhelming and long overdue. I have blogged about this strangely cathartic process here

The loft however remained untouched. Pretty much a case of out of sight, out of mind. I'd lost count of the number of times the hatch had been flung open and extra contents added to our mound of belongings.

Although I've decluttered the house at least once a year since we moved in, my Beanie Baby generation daughters have at least 100 of the furry cuddlies stored in vac packs up in the loft.

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