Wish I could go back to school

Wish I could go back to school

Do you sometimes feel you wanna go back to school? I mean, when you were 5 or 6 years old and you didn’t have to worry about the laundry and what to cook for dinner? Well, when I came across a lot of old schoolmaterial I wished I could go back to school! I found this material in a secondhandstore in a box that was put on a shelf in the corner with some old toys. It was just when I got home that I realized how much drawings there were and how lovely they are! Unfortunately I couldn’t find much information about this schoolmaterial in the box, let alone on the internet. I don’t know the name of the illustrator, nor when it was published. I guess it must be the sixties, early seventies. The publisher is N. Samsom Uitgever from Alphen aan den Rijn (now Wolters-Kluwer).

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