Winter warmer: Crunchy apple and berry crumble

Winter warmer: Crunchy apple and berry crumble

Amy loves helping in the kitchen and whenever I ask her what we want to do for the day, she shouts “bake cake”. Obviously I won’t follow her requests every day, there’s only so much cake you can eat, but as I had some apples and some berries to use up, I decided that we’d do some cooking/baking and make a crunchy apple and berry crumble with them.

Having lived in Germany for the biggest part of my life, crumble is still somewhat of a novelty for me, but I really, really like it. It has comfort food written all over it and who doesn’t like comfort food? It’s warming, sweet and I love the crunchy topping. If you fancy having a go at my crunchy apple and berry crumble, follow the instructions below. It’s really super easy!

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