Winter Sunshine

Winter Sunshine

Going by the wet weather over the last few days, I was not overly optimistic about being outdoors with J any time at all this week. Driving to pre-school and all the other song-and-dance groups and playgroups does not constitute outdoor fun. Going outdoors is defined as pulling on your wellington boots and walking running about on two little legs. As anybody with a young child will know, Saturday mornings mean nothing to these toddlers. So we were up at the crack of dawn today, which, being winter, was about half past six. I was pleasantly surprised to find a ray of winter sunshine streaming in through our window by the time breakfast was done. We just had to make the most of it. So coats, wellies, gloves and scarf (for me) in place, we stepped out into our back garden and into the cold winter sunshine. It was a welcome release for all of us after being cooped up indoors for the best part of a week. - See more at:

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