Winter storms and snow angels

Winter storms and snow angels

Yesterday we had another snow storm where I live; we received around 24 centimetres of the white stuff. Now we are still in the throngs of winter, so we have to expect snow now and then, but most people have been used to us having very mild winters, so when the snow comes again and again, most are not happy. I on the other hand, love the white stuff and always have.

When I was little, I remember my mother teaching us to ice skate. My father would drive us to the outdoor rink, and because there were three of us all under the age of five, we needed props. I clearly remember holding and pushing a chair around the ice. When my husband and I taught our three children to skate we didn’t use props, so there were a lot of sore bums, but all three did eventually learn. We are quite lucky where I live, there are many outdoor rinks maintained by volunteers, plus there is Cootes Paradise, adjacent to the bay, just remember to bring a shovel.

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