Windfall apple preserves

Windfall apple preserves

Label your jars with the date ,these can be eaten straight away left for several months. I actually have a jar of chutney from 2011 that is still perfectly fine using this method! Delicious with a strong cheddar or shredded pork sandwich.

They make great presents for family & friends.

Alternatively you could add sultanas and instead of chillies and lemon zest add curry powder,mixed spice and lime juice for a fruity curried sauce terrific with ham.

The juice I told you to save can be strained through a square of muslin placed back into the cooking pan,bring to the boil add the sugar and several sprigs of rosemary. Simmer for 1 hr until liquid reduces by half and will coat the back of a metal spoon.

Jar in the already mentioned way. This Jelly is brilliant to have in your store cupboard to add depth to gravies ,stews,lamb tagine and sauces.

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