Willow Dens and Flower Meadows

Willow Dens and Flower Meadows Willow Teepee

Our criteria for low maintenance meant that I hadn’t planned to water this patch of land at all.  This would have been fine with the rainfall we had last year, but this year we have had the driest summer since 2006.  By early July the willow, water lover that it is, was really beginning to suffer and it looked as if a couple of the rods were beginning to die, so I succumbed to watering.  I also had to weave in growing branches to form a mesh.  I regretted not adding a ground cover inside the teepee at the time of planting.  It was however mainly rogue raspberry canes popping up and possbily the ground cover would not of stopped them.

I have fallen in love with willow as a plant.  The excess growth at the topof the teepee will be put to good use infilling gaps at the bottom.  I hope there will be a few pieces spare so both I and my son can have a go at some willow weaving.

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