Will Aid: Our Time of Gifts week 20

Will Aid: Our Time of Gifts week 20

This week, D and I made a donation of £135 through Will Aid.

November is Will Aid month and, all across the country, solicitors have signed up to provide pro bono legal services in exchange for a suggested flat rate, which is passed on to charity.

D and I have been meaning to sort out our wills for ages. What if the unspeakable happened, and we weren't around to look after our two small children any more? Who would have guardianship? How would our estates be divided, and should other relatives apart from Austin and Gwen (and their guardians) receive anything?

These were all questions that could easily be settled with a solicitor's help. Just a few sheets of paper, filled out properly, can prevent any potential problems before they happen; the last thing grieving relatives need is conflict or confusion after someone they love has passed away. Especially if the future of small children is at stake.

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