Why we need to play catch (and skip) with our kids

Why we need to play catch (and skip) with our kids

Now that the weather’s warmer, my kids are playing in the garden more frequently. The trampoline is seeing more action, and toys are strewn across the lawn. Meanwhile my eldest daughter, who loves gymnastics and goes to a class after school, spends every spare moment doing handstands, cartwheels, bridges and other ultra-bendy moves, most of which are beyond me. I love seeing the kids being active. Regular readers will know that back in January, I posted a blog asking how much exercise kids need in winter as I was finding it so tricky to entice my children to the park when it was cold and grim outside. But with the emergence of the daffodil buds, there are now three eager faces turning to me when they hear the word ‘park’. And I don’t have anyone’s freezing fingers to battle with. New report Yet those battles aren’t in vain. Parents do an extremely important job in keeping our kids moving, according to the latest Start Young Stay Active report released today.

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