Why we mustn't be afraid of saying "no" to our children.

Why we mustn't be afraid of saying

I'm as guilty as the next mum of almost loving my kids a bit too much. Wanting to give them the "perfect" childhood, sharing their dreams and wanting to facilitate them.

It's especially easy to fall into this trap when children didn't just "happen" for you (there wasn't "supposed" to be a four year age gap between my children each time) but there is a fine line between supporting, loving and sharing  - and suffocation, micro management and spoiling, and I suspect most of us simply don't know where that line is.

Firstly, consumer goods are so much cheaper now than when my generation were children. A new pair of shoes doesn't actually cost much more than thirty years ago. It's too easy to indulge and reward, responding to their pleas and getting caught up in the "it's OK, everyone else is doing it" pattern of self reassurance.

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