Why Twinwood Festival is Perfect for your Vintage Hen Do

Why Twinwood Festival is Perfect for your Vintage Hen Do

Do you shudder when you hear the words ‘hen do’?

I certainly did when I realized that once we were engaged I was expected to have one prior to our big day. Lots of bad memories came flooding back of ridiculous willie adorned outfits donned by various friends over the years. Tacky dares and drinking games aplenty.

Back in my early twenties (ahem!) a hen do mainly consisted of a meal in the local steakhouse followed by a visit from the local stripagram (in our town there only seemed to be one!) with his elephant trunk G-string dangling precariously in all the wrong places and then spending the rest of the evening fighting off drunks at the local nightclub. Egg and chips on the way home from the kebab shop too. Classy.

I think once I went to Yarmouth, more of the same above, minus the local stripper. Maybe even a burger this time.

Thank goodness times have changed and hen do’s have gone all upmarket with city breaks, spa breaks and activity weekends. There are so many different options now for the more discerning hen and not a tacky ‘L’ plate in sight!

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