Why Nobody Tell Me Of The Baby Jet Lag *whinewhine*

Why Nobody Tell Me Of The Baby Jet Lag *whinewhine* I anticipated the worse to come but the worse never happen. What I didn't come fully prepared was the post-flight experience; the jet lag. I googled all the travelling parents' site on what to expect on board for long flights, I totally missed out on the jet lag topics! Well, I did skim through and was not really paying much attention to it. I was more worried about what would happen on board more than that. I mean judging from the previous 3 flights taken with squirmy you. Why Erda why.

So we flew off on midnight on Friday and reached Amsterdam Friday morning. Blessed the kind souls at the KLM counter who blocked a seat for us (both from Singapore and from Amsterdam) when they saw you with us so yey more space for us! We don't have to worry about you bothering our seat neighbor.

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