Why life is like baking

Why life is like baking

Life is like a box of chocolates. I don't think there is anyone alive who doesn't know this phrase, and when I started to write this post this is what jumped to my mind, but the truth is (and with the risk of alienating a few of my approximately ten readers) I hated the movie, and I find this phrase insulting to all chocolate. Life really isn't anything like a box of chocolates. Mainly because chocolate is what you use to make life bearable some days, but also because unlike in life, if you just flip the box, you will know what you gonna get. You might not like what you get, but it says right there on the box which one it is. No, for me, life is like baking. Because baking is unpredictable, baking is messy, baking is where you can follow a recipe to the letter and still end up with crap. Just like life.

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