Why I set up the Recipe Resource. (The long version!!)

Why I set up the Recipe Resource. (The long version!!)

Sadly it didn’t end there. The “intolerances” turned out to be gut allergies, local non IgE reactions which cause gut inflammation and poor motility. We’ve been through tests, surgery, feeding tubes, and are still not out of the woods. We have a diagnosis of sorts - Eosinophilic Disease but the Hypermobility and other issues are also suggestive of Ehler’s Danlos Disease apparently, a connective tissue disorder which often goes with EGID. 

More than anything I wanted others to have some support, something to cling on to. Catering for children on exclusion diets is HUGELY stressful, even once you get your head around the practicalities. I regularly lose the plot STILL and have to return to basics. It’s tough, constantly, and if anything on this Blog helps just one person then I have achieved my aim. It’s been a long jo

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