Why I Love Coconut Oil

Hair - Shhh, don't tell anyone but I bleach my hair. I know, it's hard to tell, right? This means I end up with a lot of dry hair, split ends and general nastiness. The night before I intend to wash my hair, I rub a some coconut oil into the ends of my hair. If I've forgotten to do that (I am pretty sketchy), I rub a little of it into the ends of my hair after washing it - instead of any of this expensive, new-fangled stuff. As long as you don't put so much in that it makes your hair greasy, it can work wonders. And instead of spending a fortune on post hair masks, just whack a whole load of coconut oil on your hair, rub it in really well and then put a shower cap on for a couple of hours. Works a treat, and probably costs less than a pound. Read the rest of the post at it's original source by clicking here.

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