Why I Don't Follow Your Blog

Why I Don't Follow Your Blog

it's nice to see fellow bloggers doing well and getting to try out nice stuff.

But there is a danger that your blog, which presumably was originally made popular by your words, your posts about your family, your life... is now basically a review site with the odd sponsored post or photo of your child.

Just lately, this blog has been doing pretty well. I've been lucky enough to be approached to review a few products. I decided that, in order to maintain my "credibility" (lawks, what a pretentious word), I would not post more than one review a week; people would just have to wait to hear what I thought of this particular thing. I didn't want to bore people with review posts, because I worried that the readership I'd worked so hard to build up might walk away if all they saw was product placement.

I was surprised then, to find that a lot of other blogs seem to have become very popular - presumably by posting original content - and have now become just a place to review the latest thing the blogger has been sent.

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