Why I didn't breast feed. Part 1.

Why I didn't breast feed. Part 1.

I must've been a 'let down' to my Mum.  She breastfed all three of her children.  Not something I remember, but she certainly talked about it, so I knew it was the thing to do if you had children.

But I hadn't given much thought to the business of babies before I fell pregnant with my first child.  I was broody, sure, but there was no real planning involved.  And in those pre-internet days I just got on with the pregnancy, swallowed the folic acid and gave up eating soft cheese.  Ante-natal classes were mostly about labour and birth.  How you fed your baby was not given much attention.  I knew that breast-feeding was the ideal but the truth is that it didn't sound very appealing.

And even now breast-feeding rates in Ireland are low by international standards - only 56% per cent even try it (ESRI figures 2012), so perhaps the things that put me off breast-feeding in the 1990s are still relevant today.

These were my impressions of breastfeeding - please do not take them personally!  I guess they need to be challenged but please be respectful...

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