Why I am not blogging this week (apart from this obvious act of blogging)

Why I am not blogging this week (apart from this obvious act of blogging)

Literally I have blinked and his baby, toddler and preschool years have vanished. It’s such a cliche but I really don’t know where the time has gone.

I have been thinking back to his younger days a lot recently. I remember the times he was a baby and we lived on Bath Road, right near Montpelier Park. We would spent those autumn days, when he was only a few months old, wondering road the parks and town together. I had no idea what I should really be doing with a small baby, he couldn’t play or sit and barely was awake. So I would wonder around endlessly with him. Occasionally I would try and sit in Waterstones and have a coffee and look at the books but for some reason he really objected to that, he always wanted to be on the go. Nothing has changed!

I blinked and he was toddling, we lived in Swindon Village and would take a daily stroll to Sainsburys in the mornings and then the park in the afternoon. We had a lovely little routine, just the 2 of us. Every Friday we would go to Starbucks and share a caramel waffle.

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