Why Honey is Good for you

Why Honey is Good for you

From a very young age I learned that honey is one of the most precious food in ones home.

My parents are bee keepers for years now and because of this reason I was very lucky to get to taste the real honey – not the one from the shop.

You can add it or replace lots of things with it.

Most important thing to remember – ALWAYS BUY IT UNTREATED! Honey should never have antibiotics or anything else in it.

So if you don’t have a bee keeper nearby then just buy from a farm shop.

Use it for colds, sore throats. Eat it by itself, mixed with lemons or propolis or just in your tea it will definitely help. I personally prepare myself a little jar with honey and lemons when I feel the cold is coming and eat it. It usually helps to take the cold away altogether or simply reduce the effects of the cold. Honey has antibacterial properties and provides temporary relief. If you have coughs fits and problems then just take a spoonful of honey before you sleep.

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