Why cooking with children is the secret to healthy eating

Why cooking with children is the secret to healthy eating

I often hear mums say how they would love their child to eat more fruit, vegetables and have a more varied diet but the biggest challenge is getting them to try new food! Does that sound familiar? In addition, Jamie Oliver recently said “People who learnt to cook before the age of eight are likely to make as many as FIVE meals a week from scratch, later in life.” So here are my tips that I share with mums on how to cook with children and the benefits. Start with 5 Minutes in the Kitchen

As a mum it is sometimes difficult to find the time to cook with our children as everything always takes that bit longer. However the secret is to engage with your child in the kitchen e.g. washing fruit, mixing ingredients and then build up to making a recipe from scratch such as pancakes. Creating and Cleaning Mess

Cooking with children can be a messy process however having essentials such as clean hands and hair tied back, aprons, a roll of kitchen towel and all the equipment e.g. measuring scales and utensils e.g. whisks ready before you start will save you a lot of time,

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