Why childcare is all about the pick 'n' mix

Why childcare is all about the pick 'n' mix

Wondering how you’re going to navigate childcare for the next 100 years?

Yes, us too. This week has marked the start of our new childcare arrangements. For Beaver anyway.

I say it like we have arrangements. We don’t. We have something resembling a pick ‘n’ mix. Because for the foreseeable future, by which I mean the next ten years at least, this is how we will be doing things. Picking and mixing our childminders, from grandmas’, nannies and aunties to friends, neighbours. Absolutely anyone who is willing and available in fact. For after school, half terms and that dreaded eternity that is the summer holidays.

We’ve started with The Auntie. The cool, doting Auntie that buys brilliant presents – robot wheelie case with flashing lights, take that Trunki – but who plays drums for a living and is possibly more comfortable touring in Japan during an earthquake than looking after two children under five.

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