Who’s that tree? (Plus winter twigs and buds printable)

Who’s that tree? (Plus winter twigs and buds printable) On a recent walk I found myself looking at all the bare winter trees and humming to myself, ‘Who’s that tree? It’s..umm’ (If you’ve watched the TV show ‘Who’s that Girl? you’ll know the tune and words). Without any leaf foliage to help me in the winter I was fairly clueless about identifying way too many trees. But I want Luce and Theo to be able to point at a tree – even in the winter – and say that’s a sweet chestnut instead of ‘what’s that tree?’ …or like me ’who’s that tree?’ So I decided we’d go for a wander all together and learn to identify some trees without any leaf clues. Instead, we’d look at the twigs on them and try to figure out what they were by the buds. Of course I had to turn this winter twigs and bud lesson into an outdoor adventure.


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Urban Villa launch party, London

Lone Tree