Who Said Being a Parent Was Easy?

Who Said Being a Parent Was Easy?

Parenting isn’t an easy job; I’ve done it four times (still doing it now!)

If someone tells you it is, they obviously aren’t a parent, or they think they are perfect!  As a parent, you may be involved in many things – caring for the home, children, working outside of the home, and possibly volunteering.  You may not have the time to care for your own needs, but it’s important that you do;  a happy parent equals a happy family.

Find time in your week to pursue your own hobby or interest. Nearly every parenting book will spout the need of parents to pursue some of their own interests to avoid burn-out.  I don’t often agree with parenting books but this is one thing I will heartily accept.  Perhaps you played a sport before becoming a parent? Being active will keep you healthy, show your children how to be healthy through activity, and increase endorphins in your body which will improve your mood.

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