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As it turns out, being a maker, baker, full time employee, girlfriend and friend means that there isn’t as much time for blog posts as I would like! After a hectic week I’m back in the saddle though with a recipe for a cheesecake that I made last weekend. This one was another request from my boyfriend (give in once and they start taking liberties…) but it turned out pretty tasty so it’s a good one for sharing and surprisingly, it isn’t too rich and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy.

You'll need: 170g raspberries (I used fresh but you can use frozen) 400g Philadelphia (or other soft cheese) 2 x 154g packs of Oreos 50g melted butter 284ml double cream 3 x 126g bags of giant Milky Bar Buttons (other white chocolate will do but buttons are good for melting) 1 tsp vanilla essence 3 tbsp granulated sugar 21cm springform pan

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