White Chocolate Jaffa Cake Truffles

White Chocolate Jaffa Cake Truffles

These are so easy to make it’s embarrassing. All you need are two ingredients, Jaffa Cakes and melted chocolate, plus some decoration if you want to fancy them up.

I had the idea in my head, but wasn’t sure if it would work. I blitzed the Jaffa cakes in my food processor and they mushed up into a solid dough – perfect!! I thought I may have needed to add marmalade to bind them together but they held well.

I used white chocolate to coat these, but any chocolate would work fine. If you are a total Jaffa Cake purist then you may just want to go for plain chocolate like the cakes themselves, but I liked the colour contrast. I just dropped on some orange sprinkles and popped them in the fridge to set.

What’s really nice is the cold crack of chocolate before that smashing orangey bit in the middle. Sheer indulgence!

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