White Chocolate and Lemon Giant Cupcake (Gluten Free)

White Chocolate and Lemon Giant Cupcake (Gluten Free)

So after all that, you might actually like to know what the cake has in it. Well, the creamed sponge is flavoured with lemon zest, juic and curd. There is also white chocolate in there but not as much as I've stated in the recipe because I kept eating it. Seriously, I do not deserve to fit into my clothes with the amount of chocolate I've snaffled away this week. I added a very lemony drizzle as soon as the cake came out of the oven and sandwiched them together with more lemon curd. The icing should've been a fantastically innovative whipped coconut cream but despite having had the tin of coconut milk in thr fridge for two days, not enough cream separated off for me to use so I had to make a dash to the nearby Tesco to get icing sugar to make buttercream. I added what lemon curd was left, swirled it onto the cake and frantically shoved halved mashmallows and white chocolate buttons on where I could because Lauren was supposed to be going home soon and I had to serve this up quick.

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