White Chocolate and Cranberry Puppy Chow

White Chocolate and Cranberry Puppy Chow

It’s getting close to the big day and you probably have so many things to do, other than make elaborate festive sweet treats.

So this recipe is a no-bake, quick and easy one. It is also highly addictive. I recently took some along to our Christmas buffet and folk couldn’t get enough of the stuff – I hadn’t laced it with anything – honest! It was just really that tasty.

I have made puppy chow before and if you remember, IT IS NOT FOR DOGS! It has chocolate, which is not good for our canine friends. But it's called puppy chow, I suppose because of the way it looks. It can also be called muddy buddies or monkey munch too.

I decided to make a ‘Christmassy’ version for the office ‘do’ as I was short on time and knew this really took no time at all. The flavour combo of cranberries and white chocolate seems quite festive to me and so, this is basically malted wheat cereal, white chocolate and dried cranberries. I added some yuletide sprinkles too, but that is of course, entirely optional. Here’s how I made it…

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