Where's Elliot?

Where's Elliot?

We went to look for Elliot but when we got there he wasn't there. Nor were some of the trees. What had happened?

Elliot was a very old fallen tree friend who looked like a dragon and we imagined we flew across the fields on his back. When Mum and I walked to the woods on Wednesday we found that the wood men had been in and felled some of the trees and cut up Elliot. Whilst we were very sad to see Elliot gone we also knew that the felling of the trees is not actually a bad thing. This felling is called coppicing and each cut tree will actually regrow lots of new stems that in time can be cut to make broom handles and chair legs etc. In this case the wood is used for firewood. When the trees are cut there is more light so more flowers such as wild garlic and bluebells can grow.

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