Where to visit in Normandy to discover the history of D-Day

A trip to remember - where to visit in Normandy to discover the history of D-Day: An infographic

Image source: Brittany Ferries presents the D-Day guide.

70 years ago today over 150,000 American, British and Commonwealth troops would land on the beaches of Normandy in what would prove to be the beginning of the end of world war 2 in Europe. Almost 5000 allied solders dies that day but the legacy of the landings are still being felt in Europe today. Weather conditions were not great and we can only guess at how the solders were feeling on that fateful journey. Today museums,historic sites, cemeteries and the iconic beaches tell the tales from yesteryear and help the lessons from the past influence the future.

With today marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and to help promote Normandy as a great holiday destination, Brittany Ferries have produced this infographic which we've been asked to share. Normandy not only has a wealth of important historical history attached to it but a beautiful coastline, rolling countryside and fabulous cuisine too. Did you know you can sail direct from either Portsmouth or Poole to Cherbourg, Caen or Le Harve?

Crossing times: From Portsmouth to Caen in under 6 hours during the day or sail overnight - overnight being a great option if you are travelling with young children. From Portsmouth St Malo in just under 11 hours overnight and sail back on a daytime crossing. From Portsmouth to Cherbourg, in 3 hours with the fast-craft ferry crossing service. From Poole to Cherbourg in 4 ½ hours.

Find out more about ferries to France here: http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/ferries-to-france.

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