When you feel guilty about cutting your toenails

When you feel guilty about cutting your toenails

That was me, yesterday. And I only did it because I was afraid that they would poke through my shoes and then I'd have to buy new ones, wasting more time and money.

It was one of those days. I wanted, no I needed, to get so many things done. On top of the usual Mammy things of course.

So yesterday I...

...Went for a run. It's essential for carers to be fit and strong you know.

...Washed my hair. I also believe that it's a human right to be able to wash your hair at least once a week, Irish Water take note. I tried to embrace the idea of the wavy frizzy natural look. That only lasted until bedtime when I set the alarm extra early so I could straighten it in the small hours.

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